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Versatile Solution for Video Monitoring and Intercom

Versatile Solution for Video Monitoring and Intercom

In order to control the camera, view the picture and also to listen or communicate, we offer a variety of options for different system.

A standard set up for a camera system consists of the camear, fibre optic cabels, fibre optic connectors, a controler and a monitor.

We offer controllers for single systems or multiple cameras systems (up to 4 cameras, analogue or HD, per controller). There are also controllers that combine audio and video transmission.

For 10m chambers it is often a requirement to have a fixed wall mounted camera and portable mobile camera and in some cases, an audio transmission.

As most of the international test sites are now using a LAN, we also offer camera systems that can be accessed and controlled via TCP/IP
In this case the camera or controller is provided with an Ethernet interface that is connected to the LAN. With the video control software installed on a PC, you may access the cameras via this software from any location within the net work.

The Audivo video control software allows you to view up to 4 cameras on a one screen. Access to the LAN system can be limited to special defined users.

For complex testing environments we also offer custom design solutions and also modifications and upgrades.